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How To Prepare For An Epic Mountain Bike Ride

Being prepared for a mountain bike ride of epic proportions is very crucial and I know this, because about two years ago I participated in a group ride of nearly thirty mountain bikers from the area that I live in. We all started at 5:30 in the morning as we would embark on an all day ride. The people in this ride were of all ability levels as most of us on this ride thought of mountain biking as a secondary sport. Being that we started before sunrise, we all had lights on our bikes and even wore and extra layer of clothing on this brisk fall morning.

There are many items you may need when going out on an all day mountain bike ride and here is a list of these things and why they are needed...

Proper fitting bike helmet: Be sure that your helmet is well ventilated and you may want a visor on your helmet if you’ll be out in the sun all day long.

Well maintained mountain bike: It might be a good idea to let the mechanic at your local bike shop look check your bike to make sure that everything is working properly.

Mountain bike shoes: you want a comfortable pair because you may be wearing these all day long and maybe even walking in them from time to time.

Hydration pack/Backpack: It is a very good idea to have a hydration pack to keep at least 70 ounces of fluid with you. Most of these packs have extra pockets to carry extra clothing and bike tools.

Extra bike necessities: You may want to carry some extra tools with you than you normally would and these items are, but not limited to; couple of inner tubes, tire levers, CO2 cartridges, multi use tool, few extra chain links and a shock pump.

Clothing: Besides wearing the clothing that you plan to wear on your epic mountain bike ride, if you plan on riding on a cool day, you may also want to put some extra layers in the pockets of your hydration pack.

Other needed items that may be overlooked: Bring your cell phone with you incase you need to make an emergency phone call. Be sure that you also have a form of identification with you and also bring some money. If you are going to be mountain biking in a park, try to bring along a copy of the trail map.


There are many different variables to consider such as the weather forecast, type of terrain that you may be riding on and the amount of miles, the amount of hours or even days that will all dictate how to be prepared for your epic mountain bike ride.

The items that I have listed above are some of the general items that are a “must have,” but I’m sure that you are able to think of more items before you ride. So enjoy your Epic Mountain Bike ride!